April 2, 2017


SME Recruitment is a continuing challenge to get right. The job interview remains your key tool in assessing the candidate’s cultural fit. It is also the tool you can use to get to know your candidates on a more personal basis. The interview process helps other employees get to know the candidate.  The Recruitment Alternative will only give you the best candidates to go forward for a formal interview. Preparation is the key.SME Recruitment

Want job interview tips to help you select the most qualified employees? These tips will help you assess the skills, experience, and cultural fit of your potential employees. The job interview is a powerful factor in the employee selection process in most organizations. While it may not deserve all of the attention that it receives, the interview is still a powerful force in hiring.


  1. Have your questions ready – they should be written down and relevant to the position and the competencies required  – make notes.
  1. Tell candidates that you are going to take notes as they talk so that you will have accurate information to refer to later. It is important to record actual answers to questions as opposed to evaluative or conclusive comments. You may record observations of non-verbal signals as long as they are recorded factually and not as conclusions.
  1. Ensure you use the same technique with each candidate asking the same questions and recording their responses
  1. Ask questions about real life work situations and how they would or did handle them, and what the outcome and results were
  1. You may want to ask candidates to be prepared to perform a “work sample” test – to operate relevant machinery or to answer questions on paper.
  1. Try to have a second person with you during the interview as this will allow a second opinion when you compare notes at the end of the session
  1. Do not offer a candidate the role on the spot….always say that you will get back to the agency and they will be in touch.
  1. Allow yourself adequate time

The Recruitment Alternative have additional resources to help SME’s with the Interview process. Check out our web page for “great interview questions to ask the candidates”.

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