June 2, 2022

Tips for Employers When Working with a Recruitment Agency

Sourcing quality candidates can be a challenge when you don’t have the right industry connections. That’s why engaging with a recruitment agency can be extremely beneficial. They can help you save time and money, but how can you work with an agency effectively? Here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative for you to consider:

Read Reviews

When looking into which recruitment agency to choose, it is best practice to read their testimonials. Those who have used their services before are best qualified to comment on their effectiveness and customer service standards. You may also want to review their Google page, Glassdoor, etc. for further insight.

Compare Recruitment Fees

Most agencies charge a percentage based on the annual salary of the candidate. However, there are agencies such as The Recruitment Alternative, who offer affordable flat rates. Click here to view our current low-cost fees. It’s important to compare prices between agencies before making a decision. Affordability doesn’t mean you will be compromising on quality, just saving money for an equally if not more, effective service.

Be Realistic About the Job Market

Discuss the status of the current employment market with the recruitment agency you intend to engage with. This can help set realistic expectations when it comes to candidate submissions from the agency. Reviewing benefits such as RDOs, bonuses, hybrid working conditions, etc. can help keep you competitive in a difficult job market.

Being Responsive

When you engage with an agency, it’s important that they provide you with a high standard of customer service. When they reach out to you for updates or when they submit candidates to you for review, it’s important to be as responsive as possible. This helps maintain a positive relationship with the consultant, ensures feedback can be actioned, you avoid missing out on potentially suitable applicants to the competition, etc.

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