September 3, 2018

So you want to be a Recruitment Consultant?

Have you ever thought about a career as a Recruitment Consultant but don’t have a background in recruitment? Ever wondered how you might be able to break into the industry without previous experience?   The Recruitment Alternative believe the following skills and attributes are key to success in the Recruitment Consultant role:

Relationship Building:

Whether it’s with clients or candidates, your ability to build trust, confidence and rapport is vital. Clients need to know they can rely on you to thoroughly understand their needs and take the stress away from them in regards to filling their vacancy. It’s important to build relationships with candidates in order to maximize your opportunity of successfully placing them in a role.


In recruitment, no two days are the same and things don’t always go according to plan. A client may suddenly decide they no longer have the workflow to recruit for the position you were working on, or candidates may withdraw their acceptance of a role you just placed them in.  Whatever the situation, your ability to work through the day-to-day challenges and anticipate what’s ahead will stand you in good stead.


Trusting yourself and your inner knowing regarding whether a candidate is suitable for a role and being able to intuit a client’s needs outside of the information they initially provide you is crucial. You will need to read between the lines, ask clarifying questions and know how to draw out the information you are seeking from both candidates and clients.

Communication Skills:

Strong communication skills both verbal and written and your ability to communicate on a professional level is paramount. Communication is key as your days will consist of telephone and email conversations, preparing documentation, correspondence and administrative tasks.  This ties in with relationship building and the way you communicate with your clients and candidates, will determine the strength of your professional relationships.

The Recruitment Alternative has an amazing opportunity to join our team. If you’ve considered becoming a Recruitment Consultant, why not join an organization that offers flexibility, amazing training, ongoing mentoring and a supportive team culture.

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