How to Succeed as a General Manager

Pursuing a career as a General Manager is both challenging and rewarding. This role requires a blend of strategic planning, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Here are key aspects to consider for candidates aspiring to excel in this dynamic field. Core Responsibilities Firstly, understanding the core responsibilities of a General Manager is crucial. These include overseeing […]

How you say things at interviews is just as important as what you say.

Did you know that… Communication experts tell us that only about 10% of our communication is represented by what we say. Another 30% is represented by our sounds and 60% by our body language! Obviously what you say at an interview will go a long way to securing you the job. However, how you say […]

Ten pointers that will improve your interview performance

No one is born with great interview skills. Highly effective interviewees develop their skills through practice and preparation. One of the keys to success is to know what things to prepare before the interview. Failure to know what to focus on before the interview, often leads to people preparing the wrong things. This can actually […]

Overcoming Interview Nerves

Do you suffer from interview nerves? If you answered yes you’ll probably not be surprised to learn that you’re not alone. In fact, most people experience a degree of nervousness before and during an interview. Whilst some people can control their nerves and use the excess energy to their advantage others feel trapped and are […]

Six things to definitely avoid at interviews

Performing well at interviews requires more than just convincing the interviewer of your ability to add value to the organization. You also need to establish rapport because at the end of the day an employer will baulk at hiring you if they suspect they cannot work with you, even though they may think you’re the […]

The Dreaded Weakness Question

It seems that these days most interviewers want to know what your weaknesses on the job are. This is not an easy question at the best of times, but in an interview situation when you’re trying your best to impress it can be extremely trying. Unfortunately, most people fail to do themselves any favours when […]

The Six Interview Sins

OK., so you’ve got a pretty good idea of what to do before and during an interview, but do you know the sorts of things that you should definitely avoid? Often, inappropriate interview behaviours or responses can cost you the job even though you’ve done a good job in answering the questions. What follows are […]

What All Interviewers Want to Hear

A highly effective way of preparing for an interview is to put yourself in the interviewer/employer’s shoes before the interview. If you can anticipate what they want to hear you will have gone a long way in winning the job. To begin with all employers want to hear that you can do the job! This […]

Important tips on what to do after an interview

Highly successful job candidates are alert to the fact that an interview often does not finish when you walk out of the interview room. One of the things these candidates do is adhere to a few simple but important post interview actions that often yield great results. Below are some of the actions they take. […]

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