January 30, 2019

Tips For A More Efficient Job Search

There is no denying that job searching can be stressful. You are not alone in feeling this way. Everyone wants to be sure that they make the right choices and apply for the positions that are best suited to their talents. On top of that, life is busy! Here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative on how to be more efficient when searching for a new job. 

Don’t Depend On Just Job Boards

Yes, our jobs board, Seek.com.au, Indeed etc. are great places to start however don’t just rely on these places when applying for jobs. Just putting together a great resume and cover letter and pressing send is not enough. Do the activities that will help you uncover the unpublished job openings where fewer applicants apply. Reach out to hiring managers directly with your powerful resume ready to go. Network on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to connect to not only potential employers but also recruiters. By connecting to other employees at companies you’d like to work for or with recruiters you may be the first person they come to when a position becomes available. 


This is something we have talked about often, however, you would be surprised at how many people are unprepared. Unprepared for job interview questions, on how to put together a winning resume and how to sell their experience. Never underestimate the power of preparation. When you have researched and practiced it will empower you. Your confidence will come through and help you stand out from the crowd. 

Company Culture 

With a ‘cultural fit’ being the deciding factor in many cases it makes sense to research companies culture as much as possible prior to an interview. This will help you to understand their values and if they align with your own goals. Check out their social media platforms as well for further insight. 

Know What You Want

This may seem obvious however a lot of candidates aren’t sure what they are looking for. So when it comes to the interview process they are not as confident as they could be. Even when they are made a job offer they change their minds in terms of salary, position expectations etc. If you know what you want you will not waste your time or anyone else’s time. Of course, sometimes it can be hard to find the ‘perfect’ job that meets all of your expectations. A good place to start is to consider the top three or four most important aspects of the next job you’d like before you apply. 

Follow Up

Not all good things come to those who wait. Being proactive and picking up the phone to follow up on your application often helps you to stand out from the crowd. This goes for post-interview after an appropriate amount of time. Even just sending an email thanking them for their time and that you are looking forward to hearing from them can make all the difference. In the ‘age of the internet’, a personal touch goes a long way!

Be sure to check out The Recruitment Alternative’s job board for new employment opportunities. Also, take a look at our job seeker help center for more tips and suggestions to assist you on your job seeking journey. 

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