July 18, 2014

What all Recruitment Consultants or Hiring Managers do when they receive your application……..

avoidNastyIn this day and age when it comes to applying for jobs, you have to assume the following:

It’s a sweeping statement and might not always be true, but in most cases it will be.

Every time you apply for a position and your resume lands in front of a recruitment consultant or hiring manager, and if your application is being seriously considered, they will turn to their computer and google your name, or search for you directly in Linkedin or try and find your Facebook page….  Get the picture?

You should definitely ask yourself these questions:

What will they find?

  1. Will it be a blog that shows your passion and expertise in your chosen career?
  2. Will it be a list of industry related publications that you have been published in?
  3. If it’s your LinkedIn profile? Will it match your resume?
  4. Will it be an album of embarrassing, drunken photos on Facebook?

Let me guarantee you that whatever they find it will impact the outcome of your application.

As you should be aware the above can have a positive or negative influence on the process.

The positive part often takes time and effort to build.

The negative part can only take a moment.

What will they discover?

You are the one that gets to choose.

Oh and by the way, if your name is Jane Smith and you think that this doesn’t apply to you, you need to think again.

Any smart recruitment consultant will use your name and work history to find out more about you, and through LinkedIn and other sources, you have the chance to make a positive impact and these days it is one that will most definitely affect your life and career…. Be smart!

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