September 12, 2016

SME Hints: Recruiting Management

Recruiting managementrecruiting management

SME Hints: When recruiting management there are some telltale signs to look for if you’re wanting a leader.

Behind every strong employee is an even stronger manager.

Along with practical experience, there are traits that will emulate through a great manager.

The Recruitment Alternative offer support throughout your entire recruitment process.  So if you’re an SME looking to recruit, read our tips on the top 3 qualities needed for a new manager.


A trait that the best leaders have is knowing how to get the most out of their workforce. Whether it’s tough love, an arm round the shoulder or the occasional pack of chocolate fish. Finding what motivates staff is as important as effective recruitment. The ability to motivate others is likely to be one of the reasons your candidate was pushed towards a management role in the first place. And being able to lead staff to their potential is key to a productive business. The best employees work for managers, not a payday!


New managers must have confidence in their abilities. The majority of staff will agree that being managed with confidence is the most effective route to productivity.  A new manager must have confidence in themselves. That way employees will too. And they’ll be more likely to respond to those big risks or difficult decisions.

Being steady

You have the ability to  lead from the floor can be beneficial on many levels. It can be unwise to jump the line between boss and buddy. Staff will respond to a manager who is empathetic, understanding and shows a little bit of give. This doesn’t mean that you roll over at the whim of your employees. It just means that you keep your human side despite your status. In conclusion remember, the makeup of a successful new manager combines a professional head with an empathetic human nature. Establishing a leadership style that suits your business will bring the best rewards.

The Recruitment Alternative offer low- cost recruitment solutions for SME’s. Our business model is well thought out and design to give you quality for every dollar spent.

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