January 19, 2014

Australia is one of the most expensive countries to live in so what does this mean for recruitment

A report cites Sydney as the 5th most expensive city in the world. At a time every cent counts, recruitment costs don’t need to be expensive and alternative agencies are gaining momentum with their affordable recruitment solutions.

boats An article in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age  last weekend (27-28 April 2013) gave evidence of what a lot of us have been feeling over the last few years – living in Australia is expensive, damn expensive. Sydney is the 5th most costly city in the world, ahead of London (8th) and New York (15th).

It’s tough knowing we’re paying so much more than the French or Brits for public transport, cars and a weekend getaway. Some would say that the salaries in Australia support the prices, but too often it just doesn’t seem to hold true.

So I wonder how we’d compare when it comes to recruitment costs?

We’ve previously published our thinking on recruitment costs within the Australian market – our position being that they are higher than they should be.

So at a time when we’ve got proof from Deutsche Bank’s Economist Intelligence Unit that costs in Australia are spiralling upwards, the good news in terms of recruitment is that Australia has started to see more and more viable alternatives to the conventional agency model gaining momentum.  Recruitment consumers can increasingly access agencies who offer high quality recruitment solutions at affordable pricing.

With lower cost pricing comes smaller margins and tighter marketing budgets and so these agencies are not as well known as they should be. Which is why word of mouth, referrals and repeat business become our bread and butter. And why we place so much importance on our service levels.


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