November 17, 2015

The 12 Days of Job Hunting – Christmas 2015

Find a New Job
Find a New Job!

The countdown to Christmas is on but don’t rest on your laurels. If you make a plan to get ahead of the game with some festive job preparation it will make things easier in the New Year

So, how can you spend the last few days of 2015 making sure that 2016 is your year and your career is in full flight?

Day 1: Refresh your Resume

Make sure you rewrite and alter your Resume to reflect each job that you apply for. Always think about what the recruiter or employer wants to find out – and give it to them early. Most recruitment consultants scan CVs, spending less than 15 seconds on the first page, so ensure you highlight all of the great stuff at the beginning.

Day 2: Plan your assault

Run your job hunting search like a military campaign. Don’t just fire off application after application, compare what you want to do with what you are qualified to do. This might make other career options open up for you.

Day 3: Social networking

If you have not already started to use Twitter, LinkedIn™ and Facebook to look for jobs, you are missing out. Advertising jobs is costly to companies, so many recruit through social media. Joining the big three above also leads us into…

Day 4: Make contacts

Chatting to Recruitment Consultants informally and keeping up to date with companies is a great way to find out about jobs before anyone else. Get on Twitter or LinkedIn™ and connect with them. Be useful, link to interesting news and ask questions. Make phone calls and arrange to meet for coffee. What’s the worst that could happen?

Day 5: Tidy up your online presence

Increasingly recruiters are looking at your online presence and will Google your name, so make sure you keep those strange and dodgy Facebook pictures private. Look through your online history – you’ll be surprised how much you want to hide. Then, tomorrow…

Day 6: Brand yourself

Why not consider having your own site to showcase your capabilities? You should tailor this to your job interests, so a wannabe marketer should show well-written copy while someone with an interest in fashion should demonstrate a keen eye for the latest trends.

Day 7: Research leads

You have found a job you like, tweeted the recruiter and are looking to take the next step. Make sure you do your research thoroughly. Look through the company’s media centre and see what it has been up to in the press. Read articles about the sector it operates in. Be critical. Think about what you would do to improve the business.

Day 8: Be strong and resilient

It’s easy to be downhearted over Christmas if your job search isn’t going well. Don’t take rejection personally and remember that a recruiter’s needs change, so that no could become a yes.

Day 9: Refresh your wardrobe

Sometimes you need a treat and Christmas is the perfect time to do this. Make sure you’re ready for a potential interview by dressing smart and feeling good.

Day 10: Broaden your view

You are probably already looking for jobs across Australia, but have you considered working abroad? Europe and the USA are always popular options, but with industry booming in the Middle East, China and India, why not be adventurous?

Day 11: Set your 2016 goals

Make your New Year career resolutions early. Don’t forget to make social, personal and money goals too, and review them monthly.

Day 12: Relax

You are now prepared for the January job hunt. Grab a mince pie, it’s Christmas.


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