July 24, 2016

Recruitment Tips for SMEs – Recognising your employees

Recruitment Tips for SMEs – Recognising your employeesrecruitment

Recruitment tips: Here are some recruitment tips on Staff Recognition. Having great employees is the best resource any organisation can have. Organisations must pay closer attention to how they recognise and value their staff and talents. How? Recruitment and retention of top employees who remain invested in their talents and qualities on the job is essential. Workplace recognition should not be pushed aside, but a way of being.


  1. How can I recognise people when I have no budget?

Many SME’s struggle to find ways to recognize people on limited budgets. Always dipping into their own pocket can start to add up. Understanding when to acknowledge a job well done can be rewarding and free. How? Give of a minute or two of your time through private words of praise or a thank-you note. This is often considered more valuable than a nominal gift of recognition.

  1. How can I fairly recognise individual employees?

Managers sometimes worry about being perceived as playing favorites. So remember, if your intention is solid, you’re on the right track. You can’t control how people perceive a gesture, but you can control the motivation behind it. If you aim to “catch people in greatness,” you’ll end up recognizing a range of people because you’ll notice the variety of greatness all around you.

  1. Create a culture that celebrates the small stuff?

Managers can have a roster of “star watchers” amongst your employees. The aim should be to create the culture where recognition is everyone’s job, not just the managers. Managers: If it’s not left to you, then recognition becomes more sustainable and self-reinforcing. It becomes less about who and how you recognize people and more about how you enable people to recognise their own talents and that of their peers.

  1. Enable and trust your team to do the job?

Managers should trust your team with the task to be able to catch those moments of greatness in others. Generally, your team will work closely together more than you are watching over them. Can you imagine a culture where it became your job to acknowledge the recognition happening among team members? The question of “Am I appreciated?” would begin to disappear. This happens when people felt they were being recognized by their peers and that you valued this.

So small steps like this will bring you closer if you aren’t already, to becoming an employer of choice. Retention is far more affordable than recruitment.

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