October 17, 2016

Melbourne Affordable Recruitment.

Melbourne Affordable Recruitment – Recruiting a Good Account – Sales Manager. Melbourne Affordable Recruitment

Melbourne Affordable Recruitment.

So you’re working with a fantastic recruitment agency, filling a key position within your business can be tricky. When it comes to recruiting your next Account – Sales Manager in Melbourne, you need to ensure that the successful candidate will deliver results. As well as fitting into your company.

So, how can you be sure that you’re going to find the right person for the job?

The first thing to do is to have ready an up to date informative job description for the person that you’re hunting for.

This should have in detail the responsibilities that the successful candidate will be achieving in their day-to-day role. Also required are the talents and experience that they should have.

Melbourne Affordable Recruitment – Job description

Job descriptions or briefs can be anything from one page to quite a few pages long. This is dependant on how many duties the role involves and the amount of detail you want to include.

So, if you find that your list of responsibilities is too long include a short summary as an introduction. This can give your consultant and job seeker an overview of the role.

The Recruitment Alternative consultants are trained and experienced candidate hunters.

Once you’ve provided your consultant with a job description, as well as any other vital information about the job, the next step is to create a job advertisement. Your allocated recruitment consultant from The Recruitment Alternative takes this process off your to-do list. Our consultants are here to give you peace of mind that all rocks will be turned to find that right match for your company.

A good Accounts – Sales Manager will know their numbers. Do you know the numbers that may be asked?

  • What were the company’s sales in the last year?
  • Is there a commission structure? What is it?
  • How well is your top sales person doing?

Providing your recruitment consultant with any extra information is also valuable as it means they can really emphasize it to star candidates before the interview.

Top tips:

  • Understand your companies culture, style and community
  • Why do employees stay?
  • Ask your current employees “What’s the best things about this company?”
  • Who are considered your in-house leaders?


Struggling to attract an Account – Sales Manager or another key member of staff to your business?

Why not give The Recruitment Alternative a call?

With a team of dedicated Recruitment Consultants across Australia and New Zealand, we’ll provide you with the expertise required to help you find your perfect employee.

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