May 5, 2014

Hiring new staff is a critical part of a company’s growth and doing it right is paramount to success.


As part of our recruitment service, we are reviewing what the best things are to look out for when recruiting new staff.

 As part of this review we came across a Forbes article that cites the 7 Cs, as critical to consider when recruiting new team members. We couldn’t agree more.

They are:

 1. Competent: Does he/she have the necessary skills, experiences and education?

2. Capable: Will this person complete the easy tasks as well as those that are more challenging? 3. Compatible: Can this person get along with colleagues, clients and partners?

4. Commitment: Is the candidate in it for the long term? A history of past jobs and time spent gives you some insight.

5. Character: Do they have the right values and are aligned with yours?

6. Culture: Every business has a culture, which is based on certain values, expectations, policies and procedures. Workers who don’t reflect a company’s culture tend to be disruptive and difficult.

7. Compensation: As the employer, be sure the person hired agrees to a market-based compensation package and is satisfied with what is offered. If not, an employee may feel unappreciated and could either under perform or start demanding more remuneration not in your budget.

This list is a great start in our compilation of the most important things to cover when recruiting new staff.


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