July 3, 2016

Affordable Recruitment Solutions for Small and Medium Size Businesses

The Recruitment Alternative, Australia and New Zealand’s multi-award winning recruitment agency, is a generalist agency that works mainly with small to medium size businesses.  Our low-cost, affordable approach to recruitment is revolutionising the recruitment industry and has attracted thousands of enthusiastic businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.Find the right candidate

Finding the right candidate the first time

Recruiting the wrong candidate can also make other employees unproductive, result in poor feedback from valued customers and clients, and decrease overall employee morale.

It’s vital that hiring the best candidate is something that needs to be done right the first time. The Recruitment Alternative can streamline your recruiting and hiring process and help you get the best person for the job. Our experienced Recruitment Consultants understand the market, come from a wide range of business expertise and know how to market and campaign your vacancies to attract the best candidates available.

Now you have the candidates in front of you – What next?

When recruiting for your business it is important that you get the interview right. One of the keys to a successful interview is questioning technique.

Good recruiters always ask behavioural based questions. These questions are designed to elicit the truth in a candidate’s answers by focusing on the How and What of working through a task.

For example, instead of asking: What are your conflict resolution skills like?  A much better question is: Please give me an example of how you dealt with an irate client?  What did you do diffuse the situation?

A moment’s thought will reveal that the second question is a much more effective question to ask when interviewing candidates. The second question compels the candidate to articulate how they handled an irate client.

You can also, ask follow-up questions (or probing questions) such as:

  • Can you explain that please…I don’t quite follow.
  • What do you mean?
  • What happened next?

The difference between a successful interview and a bad one often comes down to the questions asked.  Successful recruiters and recruitment agencies adept at asking questions that force candidates to explain in detail the how and what of what they claim.

Final thoughts

Our Recruitment Consultants work with you through the whole campaign from start to finish. We have a great success rate that is evident in our success stories from past employers. The Recruitment Alternative offer a cast iron, no questions asked 3 month replacement guarantee. It’s one of the reasons 80% of our business is repeat business! If your thinking about recruitment you should think about “The Recruitment Alternative”

Replacement Guarantee

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