Success Story

Regal ITRegal IT – How we saved a medium size IT company $40K on their recruitment

“We can’t believe how much money you’ve saved our business”

Regal IT, a busy managed services company, approached us to recruit 4 staff. They were unhappy with the recruitment agency they had been using – they were paying high fees and felt they were not getting value for their money.

Initially they were sceptical about our services because they felt our pricing was “too good to be true”. They just couldn’t believe we could provide a good service at our prices. They kept on wanting to know “where the catch was”. Despite these obstacles we convinced them to give us a go.

A few weeks later, we successfully placed all 4 staff. We saved them just under $40,000 on these 4 roles – enough to employ a junior employee person for a year!

Not only did we successfully place all the roles, we also provided them with outstanding service levels. Here’s one of the comments we received: “You sent us excellent candidates. You were way ahead of the other agencies in every respect. Throughout the campaigns we felt you guys really understood our needs and cared about our business”.

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